EFR's mission from the beginning was to be open and welcoming to everybody. The goal of this section is to support the recognition of diversity within our club and encourage positive dialogue about differences in our community. The content of this tab will expand as the conversation around inclusion and diversity continues to grow and evolve, so check it all out!

First: some information from the Gender Unicorn about how sex, gender, gender expression, sexuality and romantic attraction are discreet parts of our identities that can align in all sorts of colourful combinations. Then some personal stories, some helpful BSL for runners, and our newest page: EFR's approach to sharing pronouns at the start of runs, and why it's important to do so.

Diversity - Gender Unicorn

Diversity - Speaking OUT

Diversity - Sign Language for Runners

Diversity - Pronouns

Now you've listened, read, and watched, you'll have an idea of the vast diversity of our community, so check out the picture below of some of the flags we fly at our Pride Run. We fly them to showcase some of the minority identities we're lucky enough to count among our membership, others that we don't yet but would love to, and to explicitly welcome a whole host of folx who're not always made to feel part of the LGBTI+ community because they're not recognised or understood properly (hell, the mainstream Community's still not that good at always including the B, so we've a ways to go yet to make everyone feel at home).

When you think you've identified them all (including some of the ones that got partially covered in the wind-driven mash-up in the middle), check your answers out here or by clicking on the image - no prizes for getting the EFR club flag correct though... the text on the flag kinda gives that one away...


Pride Run & Ceilidh 2019!

June 8, 2019

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