"For the Love of Wild Swimming!"




Outdoor Swimming or Wild Swimming, the term more commonly known to all that like to partake in this activity, involves swimming at various outdoor locations, ranging from sea, lakes, lochs, rivers and everything in between. Swimming in open waters offers a great opportunity to connect with nature, nourish creativity, garner spiritual inspiration and experience the sublime.


If done properly, wild swimming is without a doubt a lot of fun, however as with most sports it also comes with certain risks every swimmer should know about. Many outdoor swimmers, prefer to swim all year round, however If you are new to wild swimming, we suggest April as the perfect month to start and we wouldn't usually advise new swimmers to swim between the months of January and March particularly due to the risk of hypothermia. For maximum safety, we strongly advise all members new to this activity to attend a session accompanied by at least one more experienced outdoor swimmer from the group.

Due to the ongoing situation around Covid-19 as well as the nature of this activity, all sessions are organized through a Private WhatsApp Group and anyone wishing to join us should get in touch with either Martin H, Kirsty or Kate who will add you in to the group and share any relevant information.