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Become a Member


Edinburgh Frontrunners operates on a 'try-before-you-buy' basis. If after three runs you would like to continue running with us, we ask you to purchase an annual membership.

To join EFR:


We partner with JogScotland for insurance purposes, and we need you to be a member of JogScotland. If you are not already a member please sign up now. If you have signed up in previous years you must renew each year - look out for an email from ScottishAthletics.

You can find the portal to register or renew here:
More information can be found here:

When asked, please choose "Affiliated JogScotland group" as your jog group type, and "Edinburgh Frontrunners" as your jog group.  You will need your JogScotland Number when completing our membership form.

You will see that the form asks you to identify your gender in a different way from our open field. We've been working with JogScotland to update these options and have already achieved an expansion away from the former binary options, but there's still work to do and we're still on the case. We're very happy to talk further with you about this issue and include you in our lobbying if you're willing.

Complete our membership form


Pay your annual membership fee via BACS

£15 regular or £5 (students/unwaged)


a/c name: Edinburgh Frontrunners

sort code: 08-92-99

a/c number: 65707092


And now the hardest step of all: decide what colour of t-shirt you want and let us know!


And that's it! If Edinburgh Frontrunners feels 'right' for you, we look forward to welcoming you into our club.


* Edinburgh Frontrunners strongly recommends that you consult your GP before undertaking any physical exercise programme. If you have any relevant medical conditions that we should be aware of please let us know before you participate.

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