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No club can function without a "committed" committee, so please meet your Committee for 2023/24:​




Bio to follow



Martin Johnston

Highly engaged, active athlete, the club wouldn’t be the same without him. Probably the one club member that knows all the existing running routes by heart but is also keen to invent and carefully map new ones. If a race is to take place, Martin is probably the person you heard it from and also the person running in it.




Michael Andersen




Pat Blashill


Pat joined Frontrunners in 2018, though it is popularly believed he began running sometime during the Middle Ages.  Speed is now apparently inversely related to the amount of his grumbling about the failure of key body parts - a fact borne with considerable patience by his team mates, less so by his long suffering husband. Loves trails and will try to persuade anyone to give up pounding the pavement and take to the hills instead. Look for the lonely light bobbing about on Arthur’s Seat on dark winter nights!


Social Secretary

Karen Halliday

Fantastic, Fun, Frontrunners loving Karen, without a doubt the ideal Social secretary always staying on top of all things social happening in Edinburgh and the wider area, giving the club members a good selection of events everyone can enjoy, making them feel engaged in a community that connects them and helps them form long lasting friendships by offering a lot more than just running.


Race Sub-committee

Martyn Whitwell

Martyn joined Edinburgh Frontrunners in January 2022 to help get fit and make new friends. Prior to joining EFR, the only running he had done was to catch the train. He has very much enjoyed improving over the intervening months and successfully completed the Glasgow Outrun race in August. Martyn’s other hobby is sailing and he can occasionally be found splicing the main brace. Whilst he is one of many Martins at EFR, he is currently the only one with a Y!


Communications Officer


Bio to follow


Learn to Run Officer

Emma Young​

Bio to follow

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